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Custom commissions : terms of services


  • By commissioning me, you agree to all the terms of services.
  • ​I accept working on any themes (original character, fanart, celebrity, animal, object, creature, family member, etc.). Just make sure you have the rights to the character you want to commission me for.
  • A commission can take me up to weeks and several months to be complete. It will depend of the waiting list, the materials and my personal schedule. Thank you so much in advance for your patience.
  • If you have a deadline, please mention it when placing your order. Urgent commissions with a specific date within one month will have an additional cost (+50% of the total price).
  • I will send you the sketch of your commission. You can ask me freely for any changes you want at this moment. Be as precise as possible as only one revision of your commission is included in the price. More revision will be +25% of the price. I don’t accept any changes later.


  • You have to pay the full price before I start your commission. 
  • I only accept Paypal payment, nothing else.
  • Quotes are only valid for a period of one month. Once this period has passed, you have to make a new request because the price may change.
  • Commission can’t be canceled once I started it.
  • I don’t offer any refund.
  • I reserve the rights of cancelling and refunding at any time.


  • I have the full right of the artwork.
  • I reserve the right to use the commission to promote my work anywhere I want to.
  • Commissions are for private use only. If you’re interested by a commercial use, prices will be different : 2x price when my art is not the biggest part of the product (YouTube avatar, promotional material, game cover, etc.), 3x price when my art is the biggest part of the product (merchandise, print selling, etc.)
  • Commissioner can submit the commission wherever he wants but credit is mandatory.

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