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Crooked - Tordu

| 10/2017 ]

Made for Inktober: Crooked.

You are constantly observed. If you want to blend in with the crowd, you have to bow. Become a puppet who give up himself. Become a crooked clown, always similing, despite a thousand injuries.


Fait pour l'Inktober: Tordu.

Tu es observé en permanence. Si tu veux te fondre dans la masse, courbe-toi. Deviens un pantin qui s'abandonne lui-même. Deviens un clown tordu, toujours souriant, malgré mille blessures.

anime drawing, manga drawing, traditional artwork, illustration traditionnelle, encre, copic, inktober, illustration, original work, oeuvre originale, 2017, day 8, eight, crooked, tordu, Sarah Perreau, Saya, Saya's Art

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